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How I Turned My Client’s $22K Program into a $198,500 Offer That is Getting YESes!

Samantha Hartley

Founder & President

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From hourly to a $480,000 contract

“The very first contract that we landed under this new model, which was when COVID was raging throughout the country, was a $480,000 contract. Blew my mind. I never would have had the confidence to just go out there and make that sale with this new model without Samantha’s encouragement.
And we also made a $240K [sale] right after that, and we’ve made a string of $120K’s after that. So, we were under a million dollars last year, and really never thought that we’d get over that threshold, and we’re well over it and on our way to 2 million in the next year.”

– Kerry Peters, New View Strategies

From $150,000 to $750,000 in less than a year

“My revenues are five times higher than my prior year’s fees based on changing the model of how I do business. (My consulting fees for last year were $150,000.) As a start up business, I’ve already been retained with seven major contracts and have more on the way, which has helped me achieve $ 750,000 in revenue in my second year of practice (prior to the beginning of the year).”

Cheryl Jekiel

$120,000 worth of business with less than zero effort

“The biggest tangible outcome from working with Samantha was that, during the program, I was able to close $120,000 worth of business with probably, I would say less than zero effort. My confidence came through and most importantly, I didn’t let the people escape to never be heard from again. I got their commitment right up front, and that was something that she taught me to do during this time. And it was amazing to me to close the first one, but then a couple of days later I closed the second one, and that just blew my mind. And now there’s a third one on the table..”

– Michael Mahony, Your Virtual CTO

From hourly to $100K+

“The average client size used to be $2500-3500 total. Now we’re starting at $3000/mo all the way up to a client at $11,000/mo and they’re happy to expand the scope to us.”

– Patty Lawrence, TurboExecs

I just closed two $24k packages!

“Although I had a high level of mastery with my products and services, it wasn’t reflected in my revenue. My previous offers were between $397 and $2,500. Samantha held a place for me to have it be easy and abundant whilst urging me outside of my comfort zone with new marketing and sales practices. The results of her unique coaching alchemy speak for themselves; I just closed two $24k packages!”

Siddiqi Ray

Doubled what I made last year!

“I’m more confident in what I do because I know who my niche is. Once I realized what I was worth, I increased my prices and I’m still getting clients. We are in July and I have already doubled what I made last year!”

Chrystal Boulanger

The largest customer project I've ever closed

“I worked with Samantha to define my marketing message… it has given me a lot of confidence and this week I started working on the largest customer project I’ve ever closed, worth $150,000.”

Stephen Moulton

Signed up first client for a 6-month immersion program

“I can’t quite believe it went as smoothly as it did. I have 2 other clients on immersion programs, a third one starting next Friday and a fourth one commencing the following week. Thank you so much for helping me achieve this breakthrough!!!!”

Robyn Chuter

Discover How I Turned My Client’s $22K Training
into a $198,500 Offer That is Getting YESes!

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